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We help modern startups automate their accounting and financial reporting so they can stay focused on building.

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“When we were on QuickBooks, it was obvious the product was not built for tech companies like ours. The migration to Campfire was painless and now we are able to make informed decisions and track KPIs as we scale.”

Jon Yoo
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Jon YooCEO at

Pain point solves for Startups.

Here’s what startups are finding before and after they switch to Campfire:

Campfire is Slack for accounting

Campfire is modern and intuitive with a consumer-grade interface. Your team will be using it seamlessly from day one, and saving time and frustration week after week.

Before Campfire:

Outdated interfaces. Legacy ERP software is difficult to use and time consuming to perform simple tasks.

Financial reporting built for tech startups

Improve your investor updates with tech startup metrics such as Annual Recurring Revenue (ARR) and burn rate. You’ll feel right at home using Campfire, because it’s built just for you. 

Before Campfire:

Financial reporting in spreadsheets. Traditional financial reporting may satisfy the IRS, but it doesn’t give you the deeper insights your team and investors need.

Automate manual tasks

Leave the manual accounting work to us so you can focus on growing your company. Campfire automates accounting tasks while surfacing financial insights so you can see the forest from the trees.

Before Campfire:

Manual processes. Despite their cost and complexity, traditional ERP systems still require a significant number of manual tasks, like reconciliations and revenue recognition.

Built to scale with you

Campfire is the only accounting platform intuitive enough to support you from day zero and powerful enough to support you through IPO. It’s the first and last accounting software that you’ll ever need. 

Before Campfire:

Not scalable. SMB accounting software can’t handle your complexity, and legacy ERPs struggle with large amounts of data. 

Unified platform

Unify your revenue processes and general ledger within a single platform to unlock unparalleled financial insights and automate end-to-end processes without relying on integrations.

Before Campfire:

Manually connecting revenue spreadsheets to your general ledger or piecing together multiple systems with inconsistent data syncing and narrow data pipelines.

Help when you need it

Campfire provides premium support via phone and dedicated Slack channels for each of your clients, along with certification and training for your team, and white glove migration support.

Before Campfire:

Lack of support. Customer support for legacy accounting software ranges from slow to non-existent.


Ready for an accounting platform that was built for startups like yours?

We’ll walk you through the platform and what it can do for you.

Campfire for Startups

Startups get ahead with Campfire

Suger migrates from QuickBooks to Campfire for improved financial reporting
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Suger migrates from QuickBooks to Campfire for improved financial reportingKey Points

Suger saved an average of one full day each month on accounting and reporting tasks by migrating from QuickBooks to Campfire.

Improved financial reporting, both internally and externally, using Campfire’s customizable, granular reports.

Leveraging Campfire daily to keep track of key tech startup metrics like burn rate, ARR, and closely monitor cash flow.

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