Campfire for Accounting Firms

Level up your client conversations.

Campfire partners with accounting firms so they can support their clients as they scale. Shift the conversation from reports to recommendations.

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"Finally, accounting software that truly understands and caters to the needs of accounting and finance professionals. Campfire is dedicated to actively addressing the challenges and shortcomings found in existing software alternatives while building new features to empower users."

Michelle Arakaki
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Michelle ArakakiAccounting Manager @ KongBasileConsulting

Pain point solves for Accounting Firms.

Here’s why accounting firms are switching to Campfire:

Less manual tasks, more strategic work

Automate manual tasks so you can spend more time providing insights to your clients and perform more high-value, strategic work. 

Before Campfire:

Too much manual work. Legacy accounting software isn’t made for modern tech companies and leaves you performing manual work for tasks such as revenue accounting and reporting.

Built to scale with your clients

The only accounting platform that is modern yet powerful enough to support your clients from startup to scale up.

Before Campfire:

Not scalable. Legacy accounting software is either underpowered or unwieldy for modern tech companies, making it challenging to scale your clients financial operations.

Shift from bookkeeper to CFO

Campfire’s powerful dashboards and financial reporting allows you to uplevel the conversations you’re having with clients. Deliver valuable insights like department-level financials and automated ARR waterfalls.

Before Campfire:

Stuck in transactional accounting. Limited software leads to limited value for your clients and limited opportunities for your firm.

Built to scale globally

Modern tech companies expand their reach faster than ever before. Campfire natively helps you support your clients across countries and currencies.

Before Campfire:

Limited growth. QuickBooks can’t handle multi-entity, multi-currency, and advanced reporting requiring manual processes and third-party software.

Accelerate your close process

Automate and streamline accounting tasks so you can provide more timely financial information to your clients.

Before Campfire:

Clients wait for financial data as you perform manual processes for all of your clients to close a monthly period.

Help when you need it

Campfire provides premium support via phone and dedicated Slack channels for each of your clients, along with certification and training for your team, and white glove migration support.

Before Campfire:

Lack of support. Customer support for legacy accounting software ranges from slow to non-existent.

Campfire for Accounting Firms

Modern accountants get ahead with Campfire

KongBasileConsulting partnered with Campfire to modernize accounting for its clients
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KongBasileConsulting partnered with Campfire to modernize accounting for its clientsKey Points

Automated tasks that were previously manually performed such as revenue accounting and ARR reporting.

Additional financial insights are now made available such as ARR waterfalls and daily/weekly cashflow.

Material improvement in accounting workflows due to Campfire's modern software interface.

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