February 24th, 2024

Introducing Campfire + Stripe: Revenue automation with Stripe data

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Campfire Team
February 24th, 2024

Finance and accounting teams in tech have grown accustomed to exporting Stripe data into spreadsheets to manually perform revenue reporting like ARR waterfalls and revenue accounting. Up until now, Campfire customers were uploading Stripe data into Campfire for their revenue automation. Therefore, we’re thrilled to announce our latest integration - Stripe!

Campfire’s new Stripe integration provides the following benefits:

  • Sync all of your Stripe data in Campfire to provide real-time visibility into revenue reporting.

  • Streamline your monthly close process by unifying all revenue data (Stripe and other sources) in Campfire through an integrated experience.

  • Automate invoice reconciliation by pairing Stripe invoice data with Campfire’s bank reconciliation feature. Campfire seamlessly handles Stripe data for customers with any business model from one-time transactions like eCommerce and FinTech, subscriptions like SaaS, milestone-based revenue such as professional services, and usage-based revenue such as dev tools.

With up-to-date invoicing and billing data synced from Stripe, accounting teams can quickly and accurately review the payment status of any invoice, unify their revenue and invoice data alongside other data sources such as customer procurement portals and third-party invoicing software.

Analyze Stripe invoicing and transaction data directly in Campfire

We’ve heard from finance and accounting teams that one of the most common tasks is exporting revenue data into spreadsheets to analyze data. So we brought spreadsheet functionality into Campfire to perform spreadsheet analysis on integrated Stripe data that is unified alongside other data sources, including pivot tables, advanced filtering and flexible charting.

Revenue dashboard that updates in real-time as Stripe transactions occur

Unlock revenue and cashflow KPI’s in real-time by syncing Stripe data into your Campfire revenue dashboard. Unifying revenue data from every data source for decision support, investor updates and internal reporting.

Get started today

It takes less than five minutes to integrate Campfire and Stripe. Revenue automation now has a fully integrated experience for Stripe customers. Schedule a Campfire demo to learn more.