March 16th, 2024

Announcing Campfire x Rho: Partnering to accelerate accounting workflows

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Campfire Team
March 16th, 2024

Today, we’re excited to announce that Campfire now integrates with Rho, the financial automation platform that helps finance teams maximize time for strategy.

Campfire's mission is to provide superpowers to accounting and finance teams. One of the ways that we're able to do that is by creating integrated experiences with market leading solutions to automate workflows and provide more financial insights. This unlocks finance and accounting teams to focus on high-value, strategic work.

What is Rho?

Rho is the financial operating system designed to help businesses boost their bottom line and operational efficiency, combining integrated business banking, corporate cards, and payments with time-saving finance automation.

Campfire & Rho: A shared vision of modern accounting

Two critical data points that impact the speed of your close are bank transactions and corporate credit card transactions. To support accurate financial reporting and statement generation, accounting teams must ensure transactions match their general ledger, which can be a manually intensive process. With today’s news, Campfire customers who run on Rho can now send all Rho’s transactions to their Campfire general ledger in seconds. That means finance teams can spend more time on what really matters to the business - strategy - and less time on manual tasks.

How to connect Campfire with Rho

Activating the Rho integration is as seamless as connecting to our other integrations. From the Campfire settings page, enter your Rho credentials to integrate the two products and begin syncing Rho transaction data onto your Campfire general ledger and financial reports. The Campfire team is always available to walk you through the integration process if questions arise.

Powering modern accounting and finance teams

Campfire is the modern accounting platform for startups and mid-size tech companies. Building for our customers requires us to build with our partners to rethink legacy workflows and deliver better customer experiences. Our vision is to be the general ledger for modern accounting and finance teams to be the modern replacement for legacy, small business accounting software and mid-market ERPs.